Pass A Grille 2021 Travel Guide | Explore the Best Florida Beaches | St Pete Beach Florida

St. Pete Beach, Florida was recently voted the number one beach in the entire US, and rightfully so. With its amazing beach front resorts, restaurants, and tiki …

29 thoughts on “Pass A Grille 2021 Travel Guide | Explore the Best Florida Beaches | St Pete Beach Florida

  1. Explorcation says:

    Hi everyone thanks so much for watching 🙂 We hope you stick around to the end to see how beautiful Pass-A-Grill Beach is on a sunny day. What would be your fave spot on Pass-A-Grill?

    If you are familiar with the area and have any other suggestions of things to do in the area be sure to leave them in the comments!

  2. Laura Surace says:

    Planning our vacation to St. Petersburg & surrounding areas coming up in couple weeks and your channel has been GREAT helping me plan what to see & do! You've been very informative and a pleasure to watch! Thank you both so much – you guys are great and really know how to present the information – video, sound, content – perfect! So looking forward to our time there – getting way too cold here in Ohio!

  3. Aquarius Traveller says:

    Jamie – That's such a cute dress your wearing……. I love it !
    There is such a difference to tourist numbers here compared to your more popular spots….I know which one I'll be going to 🙂
    What on earth is that white bird with the yellow feet – Not sure I've seen anything like it before – Looked weird…LOL
    That dog was so cute jumping in the water…the owner needs a bigger lead so he has a bit more freedom I think …LOL
    Damn that steak and cheese burger was pretty huge, but looked great ! Such a shame you were visiting this spot on a somewhat gloomy day, but it was vibrant to see the difference from a prior visit at the end. Looks like a nice spot to check out !
    Thanks for sharing guys !

  4. exploreaswego says:

    Wow guys! Another amazing video of places to eat and things to do!!! Our go to place would be the Margaritas!!! It's a bummer that it has been cloudy all day. Oh No! And then it started raining!

  5. Mike says:

    I was just there on Saturday (9/25). Not too crowded but still a good amount of people around. We just stopped in to see it and had a drink atop Hurricane Seafood at the rooftop bar. Excellent views. Will likely visit this area again the next time I visit St Pete.

  6. Being Bedingfield - Craig & Chantz says:

    Love this town and beach, so funky. The street art is really cool. All the food looked amazing! But that steak and cheese burger though…sooo big!! The margaritas also looked amazing.
    Sorry about the bad weather, so unlucky that it starter raining as you went to sit on the beach 😢 but you still made the most out of your time and showed us around 😊

  7. Tide Knot Travellers says:

    Those pancakes looked really good 😋 (eating breakfast while watching and wishing we could upgrade ours to this!)

    Pass a Grille looks so charming and laid back, love that there’s a dog walking beach, I grew up near one and loved walking our family dog there.

    Shame about the rain but knew you two would have a great back up plan! 🍻

  8. Our Travel Place says:

    What a great beach. Loved the old style buildings and the key lime pie looked so good! You guys are so lucky to have such beautiful beaches nearby. I feel your weather woes… the video I'm editing at the moment was on a not so good weather day, which didn't stop us from having a fun day out at all but it did make the video side of it tricky 😅 It still looked like you had a great day though!

  9. J C says:

    Love Pass-a-Grill, one of the nicest little seaside towns around the area. Beautiful beach, great shopping and plenty of dining options for breakfast to fine dining. Great video guys! Btw that’s what I call a BURGER 🍔 🍽!!

  10. Lucas World Travel says:

    It's always nice to go where the locals like to go. I've never heard of Pass A Grille before, so it sounds like a real off the beaten path spot. Sorry you guys didn't have the best weather but cloudy or not this beach is indeed lovely!

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