Pensacola Florida Travel Guide 2021

We do the Pensacola and Pensacola Beach travel guide for 2021 here. First we start out in Pensacola after driving in from Mobile Alabama. It was raining and …

30 thoughts on “Pensacola Florida Travel Guide 2021

  1. Paige Jamison says:

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  2. WhoKnows says:

    Lived in Pensacola 27 years …. only half of the city is nice …. you have Cordova park , east hill , river gardens , Marcus pointe …. anything to the west of A street is absolute trash until you hit perdido …. crime is through the roof , shootings robbery etc … one of the most dangerous small cities in America 10 years in a row .

  3. Anthony Terry says:

    1st week of August ill be there again love Pensacola. Ill be staying at holiday inn resort. My uncle spent 42 yrs in navy retired in milton ( north of Pensacola) we been going for years there. Taking flags for his and my cousins graves flowers for my aunts.

  4. Gemini 6 says:

    Just got home from Pensacola. You forgot to mention the USCG that is stationed in Pensacola. I have a son who lives in the barricks on the Naval Base. We only saw a small portion of Pensacola and wish we'd seen the entire city. Considering moving there soon. It's between Pensacola, Destin and Orange Beach, AL. The Pensacola Bridge was under repair and the delays were insane! Took us forever to cross it.
    Also enjoyed two meals at Crabs. The shrimp was very good! Loved a pizza place called Poppa Pizza I think. The Wet pig BBQ was also good.
    Stayed at the Hampton Inn, Pensacola Beach. Would NOT recommend. We paid some serious cash to stay here but during a heavy Thunder storm, water came in through the windows and into our AC unit in our room. The management said that was normal during a storm. Total BS! The net was down most
    of the time during our stay (a week), one of the elevators stopped running and the beds weren't very comfortable.

    For those who love military history, if you have a couple hours to spare, drive up to Mobile and take a tour of the USS Alabama Battle Ship. It was used in both WW2 and Korea. We got up there a couple days ago when it was 94 degrees and humid as hell. Because of all the metal on the ship, it felt like a furnace. But it was really enjoyable to climb up the ladders and see much of the ship. There was also a Sub you could get inside but it was too hot for us.

  5. Dana Mclemore says:

    I’m a Floridian ( graduated from UWF in Pensacola ).
    Dude , just a tip …
    people don’t carry their shoes & hold them while walking on beach.
    What ?!!!
    I am cracking up.
    Just don’t do that. Please.
    Totally bizarre.

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