Together with @Avelovinit & @Insta360 I explored the beauty of Peru. From standup paddle-boarding, ATV’s to luxurious train rides and Machu Picchu sunset …

26 thoughts on “PERU -THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL GUIDE! X Insta 360

  1. Roselyn De Los Roselyn says:

    Wow!.that is really awesome…love the hands-free camera…how can we get hold of this ? Are they for sale now….we are cruising in November going to Israel and thus can be an awesome gadget to bring….your videos are amazing ! We loved the content.

  2. Rish says:

    Wow! Love how you presented your vlog today. Just yesterday, I have watched back the vlog of Ave about Machu Pichu with the same tour guide. I still love watching about this place because it's one of a kind. Hands down to the people who built that spectacular place…."incomparable". The workmanship and architecture are amazing in spite of having without modern technology before. The effort with so much hardship and sweat embraced a wonderful and long lasting memorable place that until now is alive to remember and appreciate❤❤❤

  3. Hazel Octa says:

    Wow!!!!! This is a mesmerizing vlog! The way you have creatively edited the cinematic shots using this new gadget and your drone looks seamlessly amazing! You both are really inspiring me to explore more of Peru! I went with my group of my girl friends the last time and next time I will definitely take hubby with me and be like you and Ave!!!! Thank you for giving me a preview of these other beautiful places I have missed since our time was limited from that trip. Lucky for you both to live this type of lifestyle of doing "slow travel" so you can really immerse yourselves in each place you visit. Maybe we'll splurge on the luxury train ride to Machu Picchu. I only took the vistadome train which gave as a panoramic view on the sides and up to the roof of the carriage. So if you can't afford the luxury one, this is a nice option. Too bad you guys didn't get the chance to climb Huayna Picchu which is the mountain that towers over Machu Picchu. Quite a steep hike but very beautiful and offers a different vantage point of the ruins of Machu Picchu. But this is a minor detail compared to how many other sites you were able to see!

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