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  1. Lenny Rentsch says:

    Hi Jen, I’m already retired . I have a dual citizen( phil. and swiss) and my husband is a swiss and give up already his job until the end of nov. this year and we have to leave this land that’s why we wanted to go in the phil. for good. Is there any problem if we leave on the end of dec.? or is there any impt. papers to bring and what if switzerland still ban to enter in the phil? Do you have any idea what to do? our advence thanks and god bless you.

  2. Sheen C says:

    Hello po ate Jennifer! Tanong ko lang po ano oras sinesend swab test results from padlab… 9th day na po namin today and naghihintay ng email from padlab. Worried po ako bakit wala pa po results sa email ko. Thank you ate


    Hello Ms. Jennifer , can you check and advise on this please . Whether foreigners can come in for business or not?i have foreig friend coming from USA and he wants to go here to settle/takeover his new apartment . Thanks

  4. Frank Moreno says:

    I have a two year old son from my Girlfriend i am seeing in Cagayan De Oreo Dose this help me too Return. I miss birth because of Covic Restrictions. I really want to be with my Son and family there now. Are the accepting 1 year travel Visa or only 30 day Visa? Please tell me new ?

  5. Youssouf Adam says:

    Hello Jennifer,

    I really appreciate your channel is really informative and helpful. I have question I’m a foreigner working here what if I want to invite my fiancé/wife who is foreign too is there is guidance for such application?

    Thank you so much

  6. Amparo Tadina says:

    Hi Jen . . . We have to prebook hotel for 10 days. We still have to book our domestic flight from Manila to Cotabato with a NEGATIVE RESULT of 72 hrs requirement of PAL to be accommodated. What if the result will be NEGATIVE after five days GOD WILLING, do we still have to stay or finish the 10 days quàrantine in the hotel? Please clarify this situation. Thank you so much. More power

  7. PUBG PLAYER says:

    Can someone please help🙏 i am from india and i want to travel philippines to meet my gf and married her. Can someone tell me how can i do that please request 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

  8. Liz Brooks says:

    Hello po I'm coming home to Philippines from US on November 29,2021(Nov. 30th arrival)… ask ko lang po about the tranport to hotel kung pano ang procedure at kung pwede dalawa magkasama(living together in the house) sa room(? Pwede po kaya sa Pampanga(destination) ang hotel for quarantine or dapat sa Manila? Salamat po sa pagsagot.

  9. Jhenna Vess says:

    Hi ms jennifer..ask k lng ngregster n ako s one health pass at nkakuha n ako ng confirmation number.pero wla po akong nareceive n email confirmation po.okay lang po b yun?
    Salamat po s mggimg sagot po

  10. tip pinas says:

    philippines cannot hold for long period of time to close our border for tourist because tourist give alot of aportunity and impact to our economy, IATF For me its a joke, red green yellow, and about the protocol like mgcq mcq ecq. what is all about, mygoodness give some simple prtocol not just like that, any other country are done fully vaccinated and going to start the 3rd booster and yet philippines still waiting and being review if its good or not, so what IATF did to make our life easier, nothing, alot of protocol and procedure with IATF GIVE pain in the ass to our pilipinos,

  11. leviang gens says:

    Miss Jen good evening🥺 gusto Kita I private message Peru d alam PANO 🥺 may concern ako regarding sa E-CIF dun sa no need visa as long as 30 days of staying in Phil's. Ng response po sila tapos require pa mgpa swab ng mention din ng red cross.. pwdy mam pa help baka naloko na talaga ako at fiancee ko

  12. Maribel Dela Cruz says:

    hi po pano po pag morrocan national wla po sila visa need po ba mag apply sya ng visa nasa uae po sya at my anak po kmi dito sa pinas panu po ang gagawin at mga requirements pls po advice thank you in advance..

  13. Ma Jemma Galos says:

    Hi Ms. Jennifer…Really appreciate your vlogs about travel updates ❤

    Im wondering if there has been changes when it comes fully vaccinated in the Philippines. Do they still be granted 7 days Quarantine?

  14. James Bryant says:

    I am a U. S. citizen with a 9A visa. I have lived here in the Philippines since 2012 and I am married to a Filipina. We have children together. I am planning on traveling to the U. S. soon to visit. When I return, what specifically are the requirements that I need to fulfill in order to return to the Philippines without any problems ? I was fully vaccinated here in the Philippines.

  15. Fil Cornelio says:

    Hello po Miss Jennifer, I have a tentative schedule arriving in manila arount 4 a.m. connecting flight to dumaguete city at 9.00 a.m. same day, will i be allowed to board my connecting flight and quarantine in dumaguete? Thanks.

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