Portland Oregon Travel Guide 2021 4K

This is a travel guide from across Portland Oregon. We explore downtown Portland and the surrounding areas along the riverfront. We eat some food and share …

40 thoughts on “Portland Oregon Travel Guide 2021 4K

  1. Andrew Collson says:

    Hahahahahahahaha this guy makes are town look better than It is right now. The streets are like a homeless camp in all reality. Be cautious don't listen to people who pronounce Willamette wrong 🙂 still my favorite state and home though…. Just a little rough patch.

  2. B says:

    Portland is super gross. Last time I went downtown it looked like there was a layer of hephaestus glistening on the streets and buildings (That was last week). You also didn't show the city blocks of homeless tents and trash that comes with them.

  3. BingBingWachungus says:

    Here's my guide to traveling to Portland, Oregon:

    Don't do it. BLM and Antifa will gang up on you to assault you, and then be let go freely. And if you try to tell the authorities it happened or attempt to defend yourself, they'll lock YOU up for a hate crime.

  4. Veronike Ung says:

    Your videos are very nice and informative. But it would be more truthful to add the other side too. So no unpleasant surprise when you go there fir a visit. I personally would feel out of place and unsafe there! Check his out it’s a total different Portland. https://youtu.be/ce4LJPkU5y0 Hé shows a total different side of Portland.

  5. Veronike Ung says:

    You obviously only show the nice side of Portland. There is another side which seems to be a total dumpster, that’s according to other videos I have watched. I have personally been to Portland before all the craziness happened and indeed it was a beautiful city. Not on my plan to return because I don’t like to walk on egg shell with the illusion of freedom.

  6. yesorlando05 says:

    Not sure why anyone would want to visit a city that is run by a domestic terrorist group (Antifa) and has the blessing of its Mayor. A year and a half of nearly continuous rioting, violence, looting, forcefully occupying large swaths of downtown (including federal property). Police rarely enforce many laws and don't protect those attack by Antifa, per the Mayor's orders. Antifa even attacked (unprovoked) Christians at a worship event earlier this week (including children). Portland is truly the City of Hate. Turning a blind eye to it doesn't make it go away. Um, no thank you!

  7. Rosa Moreno says:

    Jeff did you only film the nice and clean areas because I hear Portland is very bad right now and since last year. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would have like to move there, it looks so beautiful.

  8. Sean Patrick says:

    Portland, Oregon is dying!!

    City officials DO NOTHING to address the homelessness and lawlessness that is taking over the city.

    Just recently a woman visiting Portland decided to go out for a walk from her Downtown hotel, but was stabbed by a mentally ill homeless woman, and left with life threatening injuries…If you're thinking about moving here, think twice, because the violence is so out of control, plus police may not come if you call because of limited resources (that's what they're saying), cops refuse to go into certain neighborhoods because of the violence.



  9. andyjay729 says:

    What's with all the commentless links to Portland-hate videos in an apolitical travel guide video? Now, I get that in the Year of Our Lord 2021 it's illegal among the American Right to say anything good about Portland (or Seattle, Chicago, New York, or anywhere in California), but this is rather petty. It does kinda promote the current liberal stereotype that most conservative posters on YT are Russian spambots.

  10. MO T says:

    Hey, dude, you were lying to us with your camera! You were just trying very hard to hide the reality of this shit-hole like city now. Those scenes were not the actual scenes right now.
    Those boarded-ups with messy graffiti, those filthy camps and tents, those homeless people, those trash and garbage all over the city , not just downtown were just skillfully omitted by you again. Some of your clips of Portland didn't look like current but were cut from some old videos before the pandemic and the riot. What are you trying to sell and fool us to travel to Portland again?

  11. BunnyGini says:

    What would you say would be the best place to park a car to visit Washington park and Powell books? Also a good mode of transportation downtown? I am visiting Portland so I would like to know the best way to get around downtown. Great video btw! Very informative travel video instead of “travel” videos that just show me food places.

  12. Whiskey And Mojo says:

    Jesus!! If you don’t want our historical statues of our founding fathers I’ll take them! 🧐 I’ll proudly put them in my yard for preservation!!!!! I have the acreage to handle them and I preserve wildlife here too! I’m in Virginia!!!! I’ll even help with shipping 🤨 your town is as insane as parts of our State has become! You CAN’T erase history! You’re supposed to learn from it!!!! 🤨🇺🇸 God help our crumbling country.. our fathers were all in the military and I’m really glad they aren’t around to see this shit! It’s disgraceful !

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