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Portland – Welcome to the city where you can experience the laid-back atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest amid beautiful natural surroundings. Check out the …

32 thoughts on “Portland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Gary Warren says:

    The worst place I have ever experienced in my life, a hostile place to outsiders, especially of white European descent, I've had better welcoming parties in the Congo, Displaced American dream, horrible place to visit, its also a shit hole in 2021. 👍 If you are white European I recommend not visiting this city, they hate you. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere….

  2. Tracy lusi says:

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  3. Cindy Do says:

    I went to Portland last week to visit my family. The city is filled up with trash and homeless. Not the same Portland that I knew 7 years ago. But Hillsboro and Beaverton are still gorgeous and maintained. At the end, Oregon is a beautiful state despite the situation in Portland.

  4. Moongoddess 71 says:

    To bad this once beautiful city, has now been over ran with homeless encampments on the city streets , neighborhoods and a junkies haven with needles everywhere you turn, the smell of trash and feces is enough to make anyone not live here or visit, not to mention the crime and vandalism has gotten out of control because of the non-existence of the police department, riots and protest on a weekly basis. The Joker said it best, “This town needs an enigma “ it’s long over due for one.

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