Rome Travel Guide

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41 thoughts on “Rome Travel Guide

  1. Luca Pappalardo says:

    As a Roman I was amazed to hear such a good review about my city not reffering just to the obvious attractions…
    Although talking about the efficiency of our public transportation is quite brave LOL.
    But this is an excellent shot, both in tems of video quality and also in content, 600k views well deserved!

  2. Martin Kent says:

    One of the world's top tourist destinations! Historically, Rome has always had a top heavy government, which allowed the locals and tourists to ignore duties and responsibilities. The result is traffic insanity. When in Rome, don't do what the Romans do. Obey ALL traffic laws. Adding to Rome's nightmare streets, is in bad taste. If Rome's residents and tourists ever accepted their responsibilities, the world would thrive – knowing that Rome's streets, adults and communities finally became law-abiding, ethical and conscientious. The World Health Organization's, Road Safety Office, feels that law-abiding streets are long overdue in Rome.

  3. ANN ALH GROUPS says:

    I got into Rome and got scam by taxi. Your video travel tip is gold or people would get a scam like me. The old man told me: Euro: 148.00. because I did not take the white color taxi.
    I was tried to buy sim card around the exit— the guy helped me out and tell me only $50.00, then he handed me over other guy, and other guy, then Taxi—-They asked: if this was my first time in Rome. I stupidly answer: Yes. He knew he was scamming me…he won't even drop me off in front of my hotel…. It was Sunday, I did not have money exchange into EURO…

  4. Giovanni L says:

    I’m from Rome, did you really say that public transportation is good? Ahahahhahahaha sometimes I wait for the bus for 30 minutes (I’m 14 and in my life I’ve seen ticket staff like 4 times)

  5. Peter Anastos says:

    Really low-brow Rome 101 for the totally clueless. Food chapter is just plain dumb. Nothing about the great architecture or history or experience, just dumb-down blather. I wouldn't want this guy to tell me anything!

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