Salento: Italy's Secret Paradise (NO TOURISTS!) | Puglia Travel Guide

You won’t believe this is Italy! Salento: Italy’s Secret Paradise | Puglia Travel Guide Subscribe: | ��Make sure to enable ALL push …

29 thoughts on “Salento: Italy's Secret Paradise (NO TOURISTS!) | Puglia Travel Guide

  1. jon Kino says:

    Just discovered your channel , over the last couple of years I’ve been exploring Sicily but next year I’m going to be exploring mainland Italy and some of the amazing places you’ve shared like Salanto – looks beautiful and exactly the type of place I like. I will of course be avoiding July – August (will be too busy and too hot). Now I’m retired I want to spend more time travelling but the sad thing is, Brexit is going to limit me to 3 months at a time!!!

  2. R Burner says:

    Just stumbled on these videos and love them! Wondering how difficult and best place to rent a car in this area – maybe you talk about it in a different video? We visited the coast of Tuscany a few years ago and renting and coordinating with the local car rental in Cecina, in summer, was more challenging than expected. (Thinking of travel in Sept/Oct 2021)❤️

  3. 123benny4 says:

    I'm watching this because my Italian cousins from Caserta are vacationing in this area at the moment. I wish I could be with them but because of Covid I'm stuck in Canada. You guys are funny. Had fun watching. I wish though you wouldn't compare this region with the Maldives, etc. It's unique and beautiful all on its own. No comparison.

  4. Priya Wig says:

    Omg you guys are adorable & super funny 😆 I’ve only just found you because I’m heading to Puglia and you’re making me chuckle so much. Keep it going and hey you’re Famous already !!!! 💞

  5. Leonardo Nacci says:

    Che posti meravigliosi!
    Sono pugliese di Bari e spesso vado li durante la stagione estiva. La Puglia è tutta bella e sopratutto si mangia e beve bene, il che non guasta. Il mio non è uno spot, non mi pagano, credetemi è la realtà 😊

  6. Dino R says:

    Wow, wonderful video with great information. Question, I noticed that your car had the steering wheel on the right side. I thought the cars in Italy were like in the US where the steering wheel is on the left and your drive on the right side of the road. Please advise. Ciao

  7. Marc Questenberg says:

    What have you done. One does not speak about the Sal***

    A secret Insider Tip became public. We always drove under it when it was still the Deutsche (German) Mark.

    Super nice, simple people, great countryside and towns and fantastic coasts. The food is fantastic.

    What have you done!

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