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Salt Lake City – Unfolding from the southern shores of its namesake lake, SLC proudly stands as a testament to the faith and endurance of its people. Discover …

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  1. rddelong says:

    I lived in Saratoga Springs and worked in Salt Lake City. Took a job transfer from Michigan to Utah for 6 years. Moved back to Michigan after I retired in 2014 so the wife could be by family. If I could move back to Utah I'd do it in a heartbeat! I miss Utah so much..I;ve traveled coast to coast in this country but nowhere compares to Utah for me.

  2. naomieleonora says:

    Be careful to police in Utah. They're hiding everywhere if they see your license plate is not Utah or they have a bad prejudice thought (a bad intention) then they just give you ticket even you're innocent. They know you're not going to be able to contest in court in a small town like Panguitch. They just victimize you by using their authority. I got one and I saw many polices were hiding there after I got this ticket.
    This police accused me for speeding in Panguitch town. But he issued this ticket about 7/8miles miles from town on 89 freeway which is 65miles/hour. It's about 1miles from 12- freeway. I didn't see him following me from Panguitch but just recently at the point he issued this ticket.
    If he followed me for 7miles? It's a big question mark why he didn't call "back up" or put siren to catch me on 89 highway? Why he tailgate me for 7/8 miles away from town to the point he issued this ticket? It's kind of weird.
    Some people said Utah highway 191-6 is also famous for this dirty practices.
    Remember: Utah highway 89, Utah highway 191. Avoid staying in small towns in Utah.

    I couldn't argue to police officer at that time. But for sure I was innocent. As a 60 years old visitor I had no motives for racing 55miles/hour in town at 35miles/hour sign. As a visitor, slower is better BC I love to see the scenery.

    Don't invite people to your state if you're not welcome to visitors and have bad intention to put visitors like me to be victimized by your state's broken system. I should deal with this case while I visited Utah. Utah Tourism is a trap.

    How to deal with this case?

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