San Francisco California Travel Guide 2021

This is a full San Francisco travel guide. We explore downtown San Francisco, Fishermans Wharf, Pier 39, under the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and so much …

22 thoughts on “San Francisco California Travel Guide 2021

  1. scott mic says:

    #10 – you can loot Wallgreens , #9 break into cars , #8 Heroin , #7 Meth , #6 pretend black lives matter , #5 steel up to $900 for cosco #4 crap on the sidewalk ……etc.

  2. Shonda says:

    One of the best vacations I ever had was in San Francisco! Left my heart there. Best part was walking across GGB. Took some amazing photos around the visitor center at the end of it. Wonderful food scene. Wonderful history and landmarks. It's an amazing city to visit. It almost took my wallet too 😂😂😂 was worth the 2 weeks lol. Great video. Brought back some great memories of life when it looked like normal lol

  3. Louise Lyman says:

    Nice video. Viewers might be confused by your statement that Hyde Street Pier is "the Presidio". It is not. The Presidio is something else entirely. Hopefully visitors have a chance to see both iconic SF locations.

  4. Kyle Phillips says:

    I hope they leave that coyote alone in the park he’s helping keep the rat population down they should allow 2 coyotes to live there at all times for rodent control that’s a problem at nyc Central Park because they don’t have a coyote. So there are tons of rats.

  5. robertbangkok says:

    Wonderful video. I was going to subscribe but you didn't even mention the Castro which played such a SIGNIFICANT role in the history of San Francisco for at least the last half century. What is wrong with you?

  6. DJSAL says:

    Just avoid market street and Tendorlion district , its where all the crackheads hang out along with most filthy streets littered with human feces and other waste. San Francisco has a special crew now its called poop cleaners. It's a dying city since the homeless, crackheads and crime is out of control.

  7. E Real says:

    Great video!! This is literally how every day feels for me in SF… FYI – for people on a budge there’s always something free or budget friendly do to & or eat in SF. public transportation is everywhere in SF.

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