San Francisco Travel Tips: 11 Things to Know Before You Go

Things YOU need to know before YOU go to San Francisco in California. San Francisco is the 4th most populated city in California and has a population of …

49 thoughts on “San Francisco Travel Tips: 11 Things to Know Before You Go

  1. Tom Barton says:

    I’ve lived in San Francisco since 1967 & you have nailed a lot of things to see. One thing to do at night is to visit the Tonga Room in the lower part of the Fairmont hotel with its Polynesian decor & excellent style drinks plus a band the floats out on what us to be the swimming pool of the Hotel. A place you will always remember. Don’t forget to visit Golden Gate Park with many things to see & do plus visit the Japanese Tea Gardens & enjoy some tea.

  2. Orion Dragos says:

    This is a copy and paste from my own comment in another video:

    Have to agree with theft. Crime, specifically burglaries have been skyrocketing over the years. If you're a tourist absolutely DO NOT leave anything you value in your car. I've lived here over 40 years and theft is unreal here. Don't leave suitcases, backpacks, anything of value in plain view. If possible, DO NOT rent an SUV or mini van as those get broken in the most. Thieves can spy into the back and it's an easy smash and grab. There is NO area in the city where car break ins do not happen, it's everywhere rich or poor neighborhoods it doesn't matter.

  3. allan perry says:

    OK, Mark Twain never said that. Yeah, it's foggy here frequently. Please do not get clam chowder in a bread bowl, please. Don't eat at In-N-Out, there are much better burgers in many restaurants.

  4. M M says:

    Anyone that knows the Bay Area that SF is basically a homeless capital, name a street that doesn’t have shit on it. I lived in Cole valley, and Oakland. Just sad the income disperaties and much happier not living there anymore.

  5. M P says:

    Hey Mr. Chris…..I'm on vacation this week and checking out some of your old videos. This one on SF you did over 2 years ago is great, however you are evil for saying the hot fudge on the Sundaes was to die for? lol I now want one. lol See you later on your live stream. :-0

  6. Kevin Donnelly says:

    Thank you, Mr. Smug, for your detailed description of San Francisco – with just a passing reference to its thousands of homeless residents. Perhaps you can next do Paris without the Eiffel Tower or Rome without the Vatican.

  7. brian berry says:

    Hi Chris
    Irish fan here looking for your tips on where to stay in san francisco for 3 nights before heading on to hawaii for a week. we would like to sight see mostly, thank you 🙂

  8. psfca says:

    Never ever leave valuables unattended in your car and always be aware of your surroundings (just like you do whenever you travel to any big city). Keep these in mind always and you will enjoy your trip.

  9. Alex Wallace says:

    Thanks!You did a great job,and cover so much in under 20 minutes.I've been to SF quite a few times yet have missed Chinatown and North beach.I do hope to return and see them.Keep making more Vlogs!

  10. Carissa Lynn says:

    Nobody from SF calls it "San Fran" – you will immediately be flagged as an annoying try-hard tourist. If you want to blend in with the locals, call it "The City," "SF," or you can not be lazy and just say "San Francisco."

  11. Patricia Cullen says:

    As a local, I wanted to add:

    – EVERYONE wants to ride the cable cars, but think of it as just another bus line. There will be huge (HUGE) lines at both stops at the end of the line where the cable cars turn around, but like any bus you can also hop on from stops along the route and there's no line, though you'll have less seating options.

    -This video has very touristy suggestions. Honestly I would avoid Pier 39 at all costs, I try to never take family there when they visit. It is all chain restaurants and overpriced gift shops. Go to Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, or rent bikes and ride through the Presidio.

    – A high percentage of workers commute to and from the city due to high costs of housing, very few actually live in SF. This means that you should avoid being on the roads between 6-8AM coming westbound or into SF and 4-6PM headed eastbound or out of SF, especially on Friday afternoons and especially if you aren't familiar with Bay Area traffic

    – If you are here in the Spring or Summer try to see a Giants game – even if you aren't a baseball fan they have cheap bleacher seats and the food and views are amazing.

    – Please realize just how big the Bay Area is – it is not just a day trip to the Napa Valley or Monterey, expect to spend over 4 hours in the car round trip either place

    – There are a lot of discount hotels available throughout the city – beware that if it is a small hotel you run the risk of living in basically a tenement walkup with paper thin walls and the tiniest room you've ever seen. These are all over discount hotel sites.

    – Don't underestimate how long the Golden Gate Bridge will take to walk across – it's almost two miles long and then you have to walk back 😄

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