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San Francisco is a city bursting with youthful energy and only 350 miles from LA. Follow us through the city and discover that here, adventure seems guaranteed.

46 thoughts on “San Francisco Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Tong Foo Cheong says:

    We were flying to the United States for the first time, with the first stop being Hawaii but I left the passports at home. Had to reschedule and take another flight to the US, and ended up in San Francisco instead of Hawaii.

  2. Jared Doran says:

    I spent the night in Cell Block D on Alcatraz quite a few years ago (long story), and it was quite the experience. If you're ever in San Francisco, it is totally worth it to go to Alcatraz

  3. emilio marty says:

    Ahora son tranvias sin cerramientos….por lo que me pregunto es como hacen en el invierno…., no se a cuanto llega la temperatura mas baja en el invierno….pero debe ser duro viajar con todo el aire frio golpeandote la cara….no? esta salado viajar asi

  4. Yash M says:

    1. Union Square in downtown for shopping
    2. China Town for exotic goods
    3. Embarcadero waterfront roadway with Market street, bay bridge and SFO ferry building
    4. Fisherman Wharf for food and chill
    5. Pier 39 for best view and sea lions
    6. Alcatraz island
    7. Haight-Ashbury district
    8. Palace of Fine Arts
    9. Golden Gate parks
    10. Golden Gate Bridge
    11. Baker Beach, best sandy beach for views
    12. Muir woods national monument, ancient 260 ft high rewood trees
    13. Sausalito, previously Artist colony now art galleries

  5. Auto Worldzz says:

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  6. Mujtaba Quraishi says:

    Surprising! nobody talks about the EPIDEMIC of bums SHATTERING THE CAR WINDOWS everywhere if you leave anything in the car. I was told, not to even leave a water bottle inside the car. Returned from SF last night after 6 day vacation there, Beautiful city!

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