Savannah Travel Guide – Including Tybee Island

In this video we travel to Savannah, We show River Street (7:34), City Market (13:18), Tybee Island, and show all the ways to see the Coastal Empire, by Trolley …

26 thoughts on “Savannah Travel Guide – Including Tybee Island

  1. Roslyn Marrero says:

    I went to savannah around 2016 and I fell in love! I would love to live there it’s so charming beautiful full of history and all those squares to take walks on and good restaurants and beautiful Spanish moss

  2. TjBoux Johnson says:

    Savannah is my favorite city in Ga. I live about 75 miles from the coast. But since everybody & their brother has came to see, it has lost some of its charm. Many movies have been made in & near Savannah, but sorry Clint wish you had never made Garden of Good & Evil in Savannah. Oh yeah & it's nobody's Christmas present either. Some of the finest architecture in the US. Yankee go home!

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