Scotland (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Scotland, located in the north of the United Kingdom, is a fascinating and atmospheric land. A land of Celtic myths and legends with green hills, barren highlands …

36 thoughts on “Scotland (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. Melania Monica Craciun says:

    Still in time fans, for sharing new Christmas gifts suggestions, trips abroad are my favorite ones, unforgettable, such videos are helping a lot, hoping invisible cyber audience is next to us to enjoy the inspiration

  2. Rimas Meleshyus says:

    Beautiful Scotland, very impressive place to visit. Warm greetings from the beautiful romantic island 🏝of Kauai, Hawaii located in the middle pacific ocean, very remote island the best climate in the world 🌎 one of the most beautiful and peaceful island. Thanks for sharing

  3. Karen Metz says:

    Restore Castle Campbell, and all historic buildings, start putting programmes in place a ASAP…… On the double. 😍😀🎉👸🌈🎶💎🇳🇿👸🇬🇧🌹💮🎶😁🙏🇬🇧👸🇳🇿🙏🌬️🌏🌹☘️🤴🎶💎🎇

  4. Ken Fletcher says:

    Some terrible pronunciations here! The pronunciation of "Ochil Hills", in particular, is embarrassingly bad. "Mallaig" is even worse!

    The narrator is clearly reading a badly written, clichéd script about places he has never visited.

  5. Sheila Harvard says:

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