SEATTLE 3 Day *ultimate* TRAVEL GUIDE ITINERARY! What to see, eat & do FROM A LOCAL!

Seattle Travel Guide 3 day itinerary! Top things to see, eat & do in Seattle, WA! If you’re new ➫ hit the & subscribe to be notified when I upload …

48 thoughts on “SEATTLE 3 Day *ultimate* TRAVEL GUIDE ITINERARY! What to see, eat & do FROM A LOCAL!

  1. Dummy Des says:

    This amount of information was SO SO HELPFUL! Truly the most helpful video and I loved that you said GET OUT OF DOWNTOWN because that is where I want to be out of the DT and experience the hidden gems. Thank you for the video! Also I noticed you said your camera kept over heating I have the same problem with mine when I film. What camera are you using?

  2. Rebecca Andrade says:

    O M G i just moved to Seattle and have been trying to find things to do. This is the best video I’ve seen that doesn’t revolve around the basic pikes place, space needle, etc. THANK YOU!!

  3. Dave Young says:

    Great video, I'm planning on starting in seattle for my US trip when i can travel from the UK again. I'm planning on a 7day stay, there is a few things id want to do, my main 1 is to do a twin peaks location tour outside of seattle so thats a full day, then id like to visit bruce/brandon lees grave at lakeview cemetery, gas works park, kerry park, pop culture museum, glass museum, pike place, space needle, i wanna see the jimi hendrix statue too. i'll probably be travelling solo so i plan in walking alot.

    How is seattle in september? That is when i plan to visit 🙂

  4. Angelica Crawford says:

    So I have lived here in Seattle for 14 years now but have not done much of the touristy things other than the gum wall, space needle, market and troll. This year's wedding anniversary in October, my husband and I are going to get a room at the Olympic Fairmont downtown for a weekend and pretend we are tourists from Ohio or something and do the tourist thing. Can't wait to hit up some of these things too!!

  5. Dee Does Makeup says:

    Love this! If I ever go to Seattle, I’ll just follow this itinerary lol. You should do a video on your favorite places in San Diego. I used to live an hour from San Diego (El Centro, CA), and La Jolla shores was my favorite part of San Diego that I had ever been to.

  6. Kate T says:

    Thank you, Taylor!! When I visited Seattle in 2018, I watched your older Seattle video SO MANY TIMES on that trip and went to so many of the places you recommended. I fell in love with Seattle. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can’t wait to get back and visit even more great places!

  7. Jennifer Hadaway says:

    We are coming to Seattle in September for an Alaskan cruise. Of course we are staying downtown….we only have one day so I would love to know what you recommend for that area even though I know it’s not ideal. Lol

  8. Carolyn Jones says:

    I am on my last day of my trip. I live in Spokane. I'm kicking myself that I didn't watch this last week🤦‍♀️ But I did manage to go to queen Anne coffee Co and go to Kerry Park this morning🙂

  9. Melissa Neal says:

    Any Gluten Free restaurant recommendations? I lived all over Seattle and the East Side for years, but haven’t been there for years too. However, I’m bringing two, 15th birthday girls (8/1 & 8/2) and their friend that weekend, so greatly appreciate this! I was there in my 20’s & early 30’s so we aren’t looking for the things I did then. 😂 Now I’m also a Celiac, so finding places to eat that work for our varied tastes is going to be interesting…. ANY recommendations are greatly appreciated! We are staying right downtown too. Thank you! 😘♥️

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