Seattle Washington Travel Guide 2021 4K

This is a Seattle Washington travel guide from the summer of 2021. In the Seattle tour we should you around Pike Place Market, King Street, the Seattle Space …

49 thoughts on “Seattle Washington Travel Guide 2021 4K

  1. Paul Moriarty says:

    Hey Island Hoppers, thanks for the video. I am heading to Seattle Sept 5 for a cruise to Alaska on Sept 7. So much to see in just a few days. BUT…your video has given me some ideas as to what to see first. Also, appreciate your way of showing us the sights, without a lot over talking, if you know what I mean. Thanks and happy "Island Hopping". Tampa

  2. Jim Macdonald says:

    I have lived here for 12 years. I changed alot. Seattle is so diverse and liberal that no one likes bigots and narrow minded people. Everyone gets along. Sometimes I see skinheads and wonder why they are here…

  3. Jerry Pinaha says:

    So I've been a subscriber for what, 2 days now? And already I'd like to visit Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, and yes, Seattle. You cover so much ground in your videos with short precise commentary all of which is really informative. Thanks and keep your videos coming.

  4. Jordan Woods says:

    But like I commented on another video it's just great to look for amusement parks or other action pack activities today June whatever you need to do whatever is interesting take care and God bless everybody

  5. bhartidoshi516 says:

    I have been watching Seattle videos for 3 days before travelling there, and your video is by far best than anyone else. Covered most areas, with minimum talk, covered all types of transportation, great presentation , thank you very much.

  6. pnwozzy says:

    I can’t believe I watched the whole Seattle episode. ☺️☺️I just subscribed to your channel. I watched a bit of the Portland episode a few hours ago, now I’m gonna watch the whole episode, since I live in the area. 🤘🤘🤘

  7. Thomas Jung says:

    Best travel guide video ever!! Keeping the talking to a minimum, and portraying the city detail to maximum! (Not that I dislike your commentary, just love how every information is on point and discreet 😉)Love the work! Keep it up!!

  8. Jeannified says:

    How was it, as far as homelessness? Did it seem to be more than normal? Did you feel safe? I ask, because someone told me today that it is not worth visiting, because the homeless situation has gotten so bad. I love Seattle though, and hope to visit and enjoy it.

  9. Alan luscombe8a says:

    Just moved from Seattle, I love that place but the way it is governed is ridiculous. We lost so much money on our house because of all the riots and homeless people doing drugs and leaving needles everywhere, I know every city fights this but the last few years it has quadrupled its problem. Took over an entire section of town and over ran a police department and the mayor just smiled and said it’s a summer of love, there is no love for working people who are responsible in Seattle just free reign for criminals and next to no consequences

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