Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Vacation Travel Guide I Expedia

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks – From cloud-skimming sequoia trees to below-ground marble caves, this parkland is a treasure trove of natural …

43 thoughts on “Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Vacation Travel Guide I Expedia

  1. annie says:

    Would be nice if humans and their exhaust fumes, garbage and plastic could be kept out. Then things would be nicer for animals and the land in general..

  2. Paradise Fire Aftermath Documentation says:

    For over 30 years Bill Hunter collected cones from the Grant tree and coaxed the seeds out with a tooth pick. He gave away thousands. He had at least a quart jar full of General Grant seeds. For 3 years I took car of his place, Music Farm, near Huntington Lake, where The Creek Fire began, a few air miles away…. It burned up the San Juaquin River drainage…… There were 1000 Sequoia at Music Farm in 2014 and about 700 when I left in July 2016. But the 12,000 sqft house and the 3 other properties near by all burned last year in the 700,000 acre Creek Fire.

  3. Bright colors of life says:

    I've been there a few days ago. This is a great and beautiful place. We've seen almost everything that's in the video. Soon I'll upload a video about that. Anyone who speaks Russian or Armenian are welcomed to join my channel.

  4. Naty040464 Montiel says:

    Estuve ahí el 18 de Agosto del 2021 , con mi mamá de 84 años, con silla de ruedas y mi sobrino de 22, fue una experiencia increíble un clima tan agradable , se los recomiendo al 100%, sí pueden hospedarse ahí adentro del bosque sería perfecto para tener más tiempo de verlo todo.

  5. time2unwind says:

    I’ve been going every year for the last 5 years, my wife has been going since she was 2 years old and she’s 24. My favorite place in the world. I wish less people knew about it though. Don’t want it to turn into sequoia or Yosemite National park. I’m just being selfish lol

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