Seychelles Travel Guide

“The Seychelles Experience…more accessible than ever before.” – Been so blessed to experience what Seychelles has to offer + check out all the Things you …

27 thoughts on “Seychelles Travel Guide

  1. SleepNo More says:

    Hi Kim, this was more of a vlog of your own experience than a "travel guide". Keep that in mind when you title your videos. Also, your music volume and sound effects are super loud. 95% of the side effects aren't needed at all and distract from the otherwise beautiful footage. Just some constructive criticism from a viewer. 🙂

  2. Occasional Travelers says:

    That is not Baie Lazare, That is Port Launay Beach. Your guide should have brought you to a better place. It is true that there are a lot of fishes there, but the water feels stagnant. It was the least beach that we liked. The resort did not allow us to rent a Kayak because we are not their guest. Surprisingly that staff allowed you to dry up in their facility. Baie Lazare is on this link:

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