Sharing my solo trip to Mexico City! | 2021 TRAVEL GUIDE (+ Roma Norte)

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36 thoughts on “Sharing my solo trip to Mexico City! | 2021 TRAVEL GUIDE (+ Roma Norte)

  1. maypine53148 says:

    Unfortunately the US media, and specially Hollywood, don't know or do not care to show this real side of Mexico. The US news and the Hollywood writers and directors always portray Mexico as a backward uncultured and unsafe place. They overemphasize the narcos, which is a reaction to the US demand for drugs and forget to show the other side. I have live in the San Francisco Bay area most of my live and cannot believe the huge amount of homeless and druggies in this area. I visited Mexico City just before the pandemic and walked for miles in downtown and surrounding districts and I only saw one homeless person living on the street. At night we would walk late to eat at restaurants in the Condesa district and felt safer than any city in the Bay Area. I agree that Mexico City (my birthplace), is the one of the most under-rated major cities in the world. I have traveled throughout Europe and Asia and have visited many major cities like London, Barcelona, Milan, Milan and Saigon and Mexico city is just as beautiful, lively, rich in food and has unique cultural character not found anywhere else.

  2. Dinewlife_248 says:

    I appreciated this vlog!! Ive been dreaming of coming back to DF just to see this particular side of town and all the green with those beaitiful sidewalk gardens and trees! the cafes and dessert shops looked so good! thank u for making this

  3. Nayely says:

    Thank you so much for making a video about Mexico City! It was very informative and respectful! Will definitely check some of these places out if I go 🙂 I also appreciate the safety aspect and tips

  4. V. AB says:

    I wish you would have visited San Angel. It is a beautiful neighborhood with incredible colonial architecture, it's main plaza is where the members of The Saint Patrick's Battalion were executed by the U.S. army for desertion. They were Irish immigrants who bravely joined the Mexican Army to fight the foreign invasion. There is a commemorative plaque in Plaza San Jacinto. As an Irish person, it would have been nice for you to see a piece of shared history.{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03}27s_Battalion

  5. wholly moley says:

    Mexico City is magical. I have a layover there before I head back to my mom's native land in Oaxaca, and I'm thrilled to add some of these spots to my list. Thanks for the beautiful video, xx.

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