Singapore Travel Guide 2021 4K

This is a Singapore Travel Guide for visitors from around the world. Singapore is a small island nation in Southeast Asia with a high population density.

31 thoughts on “Singapore Travel Guide 2021 4K

  1. M Bud says:

    This video is not very credible. It was clearly filmed before Coronavirus. The current rules are that you must wear a mask for all periods you are outside your home or your own private car. As a foreigner, if you take off your mask at any time except when you are actually eating or drinking, you risk a $8,000 fine and then deportation. So you need to bear that in mind if you are planning on travelling there!

  2. brent T says:

    Great video. Always love Singapore, safe, clean and very nice. Sounds like you filmed this episode during Chinese new year. I am impressed with your chopsticks skills, gotta eat Asian food quite frequent lol

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