St. Petersburg Travel Guide

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35 thoughts on “St. Petersburg Travel Guide

  1. Latest Lindsey says:

    I love this video, but I was in Russia and I personally found that way more people in Moscow spoke English than in St Petersburg. Of course, this was in 2002 so maybe times have changed, but I went back in 2019 and still, I met a girl in st Petersburg who told me many people did not speak English so that was the only part of the video I was confused about.

  2. Evgenia Windstein says:

    In the video it sounds like St Pete (former Leningrad) was neglected and criminalized before the 1990s. While it's true that the city was underbudgeted in the Soviet times, its criminalization happened only IN the notorious "lawless 1990s".

  3. trains and trams says:

    Basic Russian (pronunciation is not exact but close enough, Russian sounds cannot be accurately replicated with english letters):
    Привет (pree vyet) hello (informal)
    Здравствуйте (zdravst vweetye) hello (formal)
    До свидания (da Svi dan ya) goodbye
    Да (da) yes
    Нет (nyet) no
    Не (nye) not
    Пожалуйста (pa zha loo sta) please, zh is like the s in treasure.
    Спасибо (spah see bah) thank you
    Аэропорт (air part) airport
    Метро (me tro) metro
    Прямо (prya ma) straight ahead
    Направо (na pra va) right
    Налево (na lye va) left
    (Кило)метр ((kee la) myetr) (kilo)metre (imperial units are not used in Russia)
    Где здесь… (gdye zdyes…) where is
    Такси (taksee) taxi
    Таксист (takseest) taxi driver
    Стоянка такси (sta yan ka taxi) taxi rank
    Автобус (av to boos) bus
    Трамвай (tram vaa eey) tram/streetcar
    Я (ya) I
    Tы/Вы (tooi/vooi) you (informal/formal or plural)
    Он/она (on/ana) he/she
    Мы (mooi) we
    Они (a nee) they
    Полиция (pa lee tsee a) police
    Вызовите полицию! (Vooizaveetye pa lee tsee yu) call the police!
    Скорая помощь (sko ra ya po mashch) ambulance
    1 один (a deen)
    2 два (dva)
    3 три (tree)
    4 четыре (che tooi ree (the middle vowel is not found in English and is impossible to trans literate accurately))
    5 пять (pyat')
    6 шесть (shest')
    7 семь (syem')
    8 восемь (va syem')
    9 девять (dye vyat')
    10 десять (dye syat')
    For 11-19, you say the unit first, then на (na) and then дцать (dtsat')
    For the The other numbers to 99, you use the number of the ten plus дцать for 20 and 30, 40 is сорок (sa rok) 50 through 80 are the number of tens plus десят (dye syat) and 90 is девяносто (dyevya na sto). You then add the unit eg 73 is семьдесят три. 100 is сто (sto), 200 is двести (dve stee) 300 and 400 are триста & четыреста respectively (…sta). 500 to 900 are the number of 100s with сот (sot) after. The rules for any tens or units will the apply eg 697 is шестьсот девяносто семь. I agree that that's clear as mud but hey

  4. Mike Uz says:

    One really important tip about the city. A must visit place – Rubinshteina st. ‘Its a booze place and the number of bars, cafes etc is innumerable. A perfect site to go bar hopping🥂🍷🥃🍸🍹. It’s smack in the city center. You,ll get your kicks!

  5. Ronnie Mutea says:

    I have been a great fun of your videos, you are incredibly thorough, your videos are actually helpful, I have used your videos to travel to 3 cities and it was great 👌 thank you for the great work.

    Next destination St.Pet

  6. Kevin Hill says:

    Hi: I'm Kevin Hill: I want to thank you guys at Attache (my keyboard will not allow me to put the grav over the `e' – sorry) for, without doubt, the very best travel guides / Vlogs, whatever you want to call them, on the internet: always insightful, concise, accurate and honest, with no flannel or missing the point or going to the wrong places. I have been to St. Petersburg 17 times and I could not have said anything better than you guys did. I continually watch your guides and, as always, will be looking out for the next ones, although, in this insane world we all live in at the moment, I would expect that for the next few weeks or months, your chances of travelling will be somewhat restricted, which is a cause of great regret for all of us with wanderlust. I wish you well with your future, hopefully sooner rather than later, endeavours. Yours sincerely, Kevin Hill from England in the United Kingdom.

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