ST. THOMAS US VIRGIN ISLANDS TRAVEL GUIDE 2021 | Traveling During Covid-19

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel! In today’s episode I will share my top 10 things you need to know before you travel to the US Virgin Islands. So you …

30 thoughts on “ST. THOMAS US VIRGIN ISLANDS TRAVEL GUIDE 2021 | Traveling During Covid-19

  1. Kellen Russell says:

    If you are planning a trip down to St. Thomas try buying reef-safe sunscreen, the locals care about the reefs a lot and it makes it more enjoyable for the other people that come down here, It also keeps it looking good for when you come back.

  2. dylan tyt says:

    Date a black guy, get a black eye. How many times have you got your teeth knocked out? And another sincere question, why do black men think white women are a trophy, I mean they are but why do you desire them so much??

  3. Simone Foster says:

    This is paradise on earth love to visit I am from the island also love the clean blue water and white sand beaches I am just loving it 😍👙🐠🐋🦀🦞🏄🏾‍♀️🍷🥑🍉🍋

  4. Jacob Rivera says:

    Thanks so much been wanting to go but never had any good info 🙏🏼 my wife's Bday is September just wondering if that month is a NO NO really want to show her a time of her life would love for any info you can provide???🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  5. B Moore says:

    great video. stayed at St. Thomas | St. John in 1991 but this was good refresher along with the COVID insights. 5 nights for us it typically our sweet spot for flights under 5 hours. I hope that's enough time for a trip I'm planning this year.

  6. AlyssaMARIE says:

    I’m planning on taking my boyfriend in august for his birthday but I’m 18 so we won’t be able to rent a car 😩 I found a bunch of nice air bnbs but some say the taxis take forever.

  7. Emilee Humitz says:

    Hello – thank you for this video! I am leaving on June 30th. I got the rapid test June 25th and got same day negative results and uploaded to the portal on June 25th. It’s been 3 days and I haven’t not heard anything back. Should I be worried? It’s stressing me out. I have the receipt that I paid for the rapid, and my test results in which I will bring with me to the airport. I am flying American Airlines. Let me know what you think, I’d greatly appreciate it. Once in that line that you had to go through, do they retest you or how does that work? Or do you just have to fill out information? Sorry for all the questions, just don’t want to have to worry about anything. Thank you in advance!

  8. Brigitte Berry says:

    It would be really, really cool if you used your platform to lift up local voices to speak about our home. This entire continental-american-dominated-version of the Virgin Islands is so uncomfortable for us locals and harmful for our culture. The group you promote "St. Thomas Travel" is exactly that – people from the States dominating the narrative of our home. They remove locals from that space who speak up about local issues.

  9. S Raj says:

    Thank you for this highly informative and very tastefully put together video, Camilla. I’m heading to the USVI in 2 weeks and I’ll definitely be looking at all of your other videos!

  10. Miho Lacy says:

    Hi, My husband and I are thinking going USVI for vacation and I was watching many youtubes to learn about the islands. I must say this is the most simple, the most helpful video, thank you. and your heartwarming voice is so gentle and so kind, makes the presentation so beautiful.

  11. S C says:

    I got a rapid diagnostic test and they ask for rapid antigen but I got an email saying it was accepted. Do they check at thd airport or as long as I have the accepted email I should be fine?

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