Stockholm Travel Guide

Hotel, restaurants and cool spots from our first trip Stockholm, Sweden Thanks to Kronaby watches for making this video possible …

49 thoughts on “Stockholm Travel Guide

  1. anand tr says:

    Well, this video mainly focuses on ads and attractions are hardly covered!!! There are many more major attractions in stockholm and I must say that this is hardly a guide.

  2. Bob Bender says:

    Stockholm I a beautiful city. I was there many years ago. Some of my best memories of Europe are from the month I spent there. This video was very nice and when he was showing the viewer the watch, it was very pleasant and blended right in.

  3. Mehmet Cetin says:

    Hi Tyler, great video regarding Stockholm, definitely visited some places which where enclosed in this video. One question out of curiosity, can you advise which background music you have used for this vlog. I like it!

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