Tallahassee Florida Travel Guide 2021

In this Tallahassee Florida travel guide we explore the downtown and midtown area. Tallahassee is the Capitol of Florida located in the panhandle.

27 thoughts on “Tallahassee Florida Travel Guide 2021

  1. Chris Courson says:

    I have lived in Tallahassee since 2014, and I have never seen so many stupid idiots located in one place in all my life!! and most people from out of town, agree with me!! High crime rate and FSU has the highest college crime rate in Florida!!!

  2. lloyd oconnor says:

    I'm very disappointed that in 12 minutes and 8 seconds you did not mention FAMU which right across from FSU. FAMU is the largest hbcu university in Florida and boasts a top (if not the best) College of Pharmacy in the state of Florida. Wow!!! The disregard is real!!!

  3. Kianna-Key Williams says:

    Shout out to FAMU Florida agricultural mechanical university!!!! One of the top Black colleges. Home to many black doctors, lawyers, athletes, nurses, judges, actresses, actors, activists, musicians, powerful leaders etc. Also one of the biggest and best marching bands. The Marching 100s

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