Tampa Bay 2021 – Travel Guide

Licensing or Stock Footage of this video of Tampa Bay is available for purchase (excluding 1932 footage of Gasparilla), contact Info@TampaAerialMedia.com A …

31 thoughts on “Tampa Bay 2021 – Travel Guide

  1. Zen says:

    My mother's ashes were tossed into Tampa Bay back in 85, I'm told. Nancy Kohn was a monster. They should sprinkle the bay with sage daily. Maybe have a priest bless the area.

  2. Aimee Charbeneau says:

    LaTerrible Cita? Ewww. Of all the fantastic restaurants in Tampa, that dump shouldn't even be in the video. It's an embarrassment. Nothing like cafeteria-style crappy food in a filthy restaurant with lousy service.

  3. Hemant Patil says:

    Sir, I am from Mumbai, India. I have started watching your videos for around a year and I can say that they are Simply Masterpiece !!!!! Feel as if I am there in Tampa on that particular spot which you describe. Hope one day I will be able to see your videos on Indian cities. Love and best wishes from 1400 million Indians .

  4. Joshua York says:

    The tourism vids this company makes are the best I’ve ever seen. The cinematography is amazing, the videos are long enough to show a great swath of things to do in the city, the narration is calming and informative, and this company really shows the absolute best a city has to offer. Id hire this company fast if I needed something like this.

  5. Thomas Barlow says:

    I'm retired from the Navy and did both my shore tours in Tampa. Tough duty lol. Recruiter on Columbus Dr in the late 80's and SOCOM at MacDill in the 90's. Had a condo 4 blocks south of Gandy. Back then downtown area was nothing and shut down after 5pm. The river area was neglected and unaccessible. They really did a great job turning this around. I was a volunteer diver at the FL Aquarium when they first opened.

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