Telluride – Ouray – Silverton, Travel Guide for San Juan Mountains

Stock footage of 95% of this video of Telluride, Ouray, Silverton is available for purchase, contact We travel to the San Juan …

38 thoughts on “Telluride – Ouray – Silverton, Travel Guide for San Juan Mountains

  1. The McAdams Minute! says:

    They ruined the hot springs years ago when they rebuilt a few years ago. The water just doesn’t quite feel like it use to. Sometimes it’s ok not to change anything and keep it the way it was. Things don’t always have to be more flashier.

  2. steven shawzy says:

    Wow. I think you did a fantastic job on this video. I have been to most of the places you showed. I'm going back the 1st week of October 2021 to do a few places I haven't done yet because of your presentation. Thanks for sharing. Great picture quality as well. Keep them coming. I just subscribed. P.S. I live in Tampa also!

  3. Abdel Benalioua says:

    hello Randy; I forgot to tell you in my last comment, I really liked the beautiful music in this video. Excuse me, if I can allow myself to add a little remark, it would be good, for the next videos, you add a beautiful music to the video, just a few seconds, I'm sure that this will allow your subscribers to to be relaxed and to dream, as if we are living the present in this place. Excuse me, but it was just a small idea. You did it in this video (just a little bit of music without commentary) it was awesome. Me and other subscribers stay true to your videos because you got really professional like I always said. good luck.

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