The Maldives – AFFORDABLE luxury Travel Guide | The side they don't show you!

This isn’t your average Maldives episode! Here you’ll learn how to travel Maldives in an AFFORDABLE yet luxurious way! Get excited! Want to meet other PH …

49 thoughts on “The Maldives – AFFORDABLE luxury Travel Guide | The side they don't show you!

  1. Donnette's Vlog onLive, Create, educate, empower says:

    215,000 subscribers only for one of the most ridiculously unforgettable, travel experience chanel, with well spoken individuals, ladies who inspire you to go the gym lol, with their bad ass badies, informative sessions. Now that's ridiculously under rated. Passport heavy is hands down the best thing ever happened on YouTube. Got here about two months ago, and I'm hooked. Man the content, the music, the culture, the countries, the staff, the coming together with other bloggers and Y'all editing skills, sigh, 👌I'm done. Y'all are freaking greatness. No joke

  2. nafa latheef says:

    Hello from the maldives.. the nut that was mentioned it’s not banana leaf.. its bitterleaf.. this video is amazing very well explained.. however i do not recommend Male for beach lovers.. Hulhumale is okay and local islands are better. Hope this helps😉

  3. Azleena Ali says:

    The Vegemite thing is called "rihaakuru" which is just thickened fish broth. They don't taste good on its own but taste amazing as a condiment or to bring flavour to some dishes.

  4. Charles D Jones says:

    Exceptional Video & coverage on the Maldives!! Very well articulated !! You didn't leave anything out. I appreciate this video more than you know! We will be planning a trip to the Maldives & your coverage has proven to be invaluable!
    We didn't know where to start, and what a blueprint you've provided. Much love & appreciation for the time, effort, research & production of this video! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  5. Azan Zuhair says:

    Thanks PassportHeavy for featuring Maldives in such an amazing way. Great content and very accurate! Only just saw this video when a friend sent me the link saying I was seen in it 😂. I own kinza cafe / aka the hookah lounge and you can actually see me in the background! hahaha. Do please drop by again and have a chat the next time you are here! Much love.

  6. zai zae says:

    As a Maldivian I just wanted to say that this video is such a beautiful depiction of us, our culture and the misconceptions that surround us. You are all so welcome to come again & again. Also can I just say damn ya’ll are a beautiful group of people 😍 so gorgeous!

  7. Kabiran Nabirah says:

    Planning to visit
    Is the water salty, my poor eyes.
    Also I don’t want to stay in places that are reserved because I don’t want to be dressed in clothes. I want beautiful photos and stuff. Someone help me

  8. Jumy Arif says:

    This is the first video i've seen where someone has shed light on the real essence of the Maldives! Thank you tor this! I can't tell you how much i love this video 🙏🏽💯
    What's super dope is i saw you shooting hoops that day in Hulhumale' 😄!! Keep up the great work with these videos, your energy is contagious 👏🏼

  9. James Richard says:

    This is a Nice video, so inspiring but do anyone knows about expert Mr Tyron ?. Mr Tyron is legit and his method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with his new strategy..

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