The ultimate Amsterdam city travel guide

amsterdam #nightlife #redlightdistrict The best travel guide on Amsterdam on youtube! Filmed, edited and produced by biskeybee for Original crunch …

34 thoughts on “The ultimate Amsterdam city travel guide

  1. Mr Maaical says:

    Hi, thank you for all the info. Im collecting all the info for my trip in April but struggling to find a decent comfortable hotel with good location for around 100 euros. Its my 1st time. Any suggestions? By the way…im NOT a backpacker, hostel kinda guy.

  2. Peet says:

    I'll show you everything Amsterdam has to offer, he said.

    Dude, you didn't even scratched the surface yet.
    And it's not the biggest city in the Netherlands, only in number of citizens, Rotterdam is much larger, a 100 square kilometers to be exact.

  3. David B says:

    Odd that you pronounced Rijksmuseum correctly (kudos) but stumbled on Bijenkorf.
    (Which, BTW, means "beehive" in Dutch.)
    "Ij" in Dutch is pronounced like "aye" or "eye".

  4. Andrew Verbeek says:

    What do you recommend outside of Amsterdam? I'm coming over for a couple weeks in the summer and am still looking for things to do. I'l be staying in Arcen, which is roughly 2 hours away from Amsterdam.

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