THE ULTIMATE CHICAGO TRAVEL GUIDE 2021 // Best Things to Do & Iconic Foods to Eat (4K Vlog)

If you’re planning to visit Chicago for vacation in 2021, this Ultimate Chicago Travel Guide is for you!! This travel film will help you plan the BEST EVER trip to the …

46 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE CHICAGO TRAVEL GUIDE 2021 // Best Things to Do & Iconic Foods to Eat (4K Vlog)

  1. Living in Chicago Illinois says:

    I stay loyal to Lou's deep dish but I'm not going to lie Pequods looks pretty damn amazing lol 😆 The butter crust and a sweet sauce is exactly why I love Lou Malnatis but I'm legit about to drive to LP right now to try this 🐷 Thanks for the deep dish pizza tip in the Chi!

  2. Sam Rose says:

    I only live 2 hours from Chicago. I really need to go more, such an awesome place. Planning on going for my 30th birthday in 2 weeks for some good eats and fun. Thanks for the guide!

  3. Manuel martinez says:

    Nice Video Luis Congratulations 👍 I Love The Skyline, The Lake Michigan, The Buckingham Fountain, The Water Tower, The Sears Tower, The John Hancock Center, I Live in North Carolina but I Love Chicago This is my Favorite City in The USA by Far I'll see you Next Time 😎👍Luis Take Care.

  4. Pat Tallant says:

    Loved this! Born here in 51, left in 73. So much has changed but I love this city! Thanks so much…I just subscribed 👍 BTW you can’t beat Chicago food! California has Nothing on Chi-town!

  5. Jessica Buzzelli says:

    Love this! First found your channel last summer when my boyfriend and I were considering a big move from Atlanta. Neither of us had been to Chicago but had to visit after watching your videos. Looking forward to checking out these spots once we move next month!

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