The Ultimate Maui Travel Guide 2021

The Ultimate Maui Travel Guide 2021 Color Graded with my LUT Pack: Welcome to my …

30 thoughts on “The Ultimate Maui Travel Guide 2021

  1. Tinaaa Z says:

    Thanks for the video and tips! A question for seeing sunset at Haleakala. We plan to hike the 11 to 13 miles Haleakala trail; if we want to see sunset there, does it mean we will need to hike back in the dark? Or is the sunset viewing just at a viewpoint that’s car accessible?

  2. Tonya Davis says:

    My question is about the Road to Hana.
    Im staying in Kihei but want to do a two day itinerary for the road to hanna so that we can take our time and not be rushed. Do you think this is a good idea or waste of driving time? Any suggestions on a 2 day itinerary traveling from Kihei each day?
    Love your videos and appreciate any advice. Thanks

  3. Lily A says:

    Thank you for the travel guide. Totally love it! I’m planning a a solo trip to Maui. Do you see many women hiking alone? Do you have any recommendations for which trails might be better for a female solo hiker?

  4. Bryan Jeske says:

    Nice video !!! The drive to Hana is very long , so are there plenty of gas stations to fill up for the return trip ? And , is it safe to drive at night on the super winding roads , and how much for gas in 2021 ? I was in Maui before , but didn't have time for the long drive to Hana – are there boat tours that could take people to Hana ? I love Maui and would love to return again !!!

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