THE ULTIMATE SEATTLE TRAVEL GUIDE (40+ things to do + tips from a local!)

The must-see Seattle spots; where to eat, drink, and shop; tips on getting here; and tips on getting around. I hope this helps you plan your trip to Seattle!

43 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE SEATTLE TRAVEL GUIDE (40+ things to do + tips from a local!)

  1. Kelly Lira says:

    Adding links to what I mentioned in this video here! bc my YouTube description was already too long lol:

    Alaskan Way viaduct demolition –
    Waterfront renovation –
    The Spheres –
    Water taxi to West Seattle –
    Ferry –
    Thrift Shop music video –
    Hot tub boat –
    Duffy boat rental –
    Flight patterns –
    The Good Rain by Timothy Egan – (affiliate link)

    Also check out Monica Church’s video on the Amazon Go Grocery store –

  2. Alejandra Gomez says:

    My boyfriend and I drove from NY to Seattle. We had never been to Washington but he got a new job there so decided it would be a great opportunity for a road trip ! Let me just say … everything was great until we got to Washington !!!!

    our first night we were in Spokane, Washington – Our car gets broken into.. they smash not 1 but 4 windows just for the hell of it because there was nothing inside.

    our second night we stayed in Seattle, Washington and parked the car in the hotel parking lot which you need a key to get into and its in the basement…. Our car gets broken into AGAIN .

    our third night we were in still in Seattle, and my Bf gets robbed while buying a coffee.

    We were so concerned for our safety that we took a flight back to NY the next day. Decided to never move there 🙁 we had high hopes for Seattle and were so excited to move there but we were extreamly shocked at the crime there. Also btw…. the police in Washington just don't care . They don't come to the scene like they would in NY. My boyfriends wallet got stolen after a guy got out of his car, stole it and then drove away. We got the license plate and the picture of the guy but cops just don't care about that. They said they only go after people if they were trying to murder you –______– .

    Bye Washington.

  3. Imaan Khalid says:

    Meh. This video was good and all but I have been living in seattle for 10-11 years and there is nothing interesting here anymore. Downtown is officially dead. My mom said it’s not like what is was years ago, thriving. It’s all grey. Bellevue and Edmonds is growing, but seattle is slowly dieing honestly.

  4. apocalyptic crush says:

    YASSSSS, i live 25 minutes away from seattle and it’s super super fun to go!! i go like every month with my family and this summer i went on the space needle for the first time and it was soooo fun 😭 yet wings over washington is amazing ahhhhhh! and i love how in the pike market they do that catching fish game 😂 i’ve also lived near seattle my whole life and i’m really grateful

  5. merlinman44 says:

    Thanks Kelly, that's a really great video, I'm from the UK visiting Seattle next May sooooo looking forward to it, it's been a plan since 2019 but I guess we all know how that ended!!
    What sort of weather could we expect in early? Any suggestions?

  6. Athena Morgan says:

    I’m going to Seattle in a month. I can’t wait to see the fall foliage and experience a real fall. This might seem like a dumb question but I’m trying to figure out what jacket I should bring lol I have a long down jacket with a hood and a regular length similar down jacket but no hood. Do you think I would be okay without a hood or should I bring the jacket with the hood? Also, I’m traveling in a carry-on suitcase so I’m limited to space because I’ll be bringing my sweaters too. I can’t wait to see and visit the places you mentioned.

  7. Tippy T says:

    Ughh it is pretty here but please don’t forget to mention how over populated and overpriced it is?!??? We don’t need anymore people moving here. Most of us want to get OUT. Especially specifically seattle.. it used to be oh so beautiful and now it’s like one giant homeless camp. It takes 40 minutes to drive 2 miles because of traffic and people are rude. Keep that in mind before visiting!

  8. Jason McKorvin says:

    And get robbed or killed by drug addict there is 50 000 of them in Seattle and around now, watch Seattle is dying, stay away tourists its dangerous more then ever after the Police Department was underfunded.

  9. Jilly's Journey says:

    Thanks, Kelly! I'm Seattle born and raised, but it's refreshing to see someone who loves it as much as me! Be sure to check out Lincoln Park in West Seattle. In the summer, there's a saltwater pool on the beach (Coleman). You can only get there by walking thru the park. Makes for a nice afternoon swim and picnic!

  10. Jay Really says:

    First time someone recommended the gum wall to me I was like what the fa. Then I saw it and was super grossed out thinking about how many people stuck their chewed up spit filled gum on those walls. What a load of crap for a tourist site. Might as well recommend a porta potty that now one cleans to visit… oh sorry you did recommend that when you said pikes place market.

  11. Jay Really says:

    Best place to see in Seattle… the airport because you know you’re leaving to go someplace better than Seattle! Ugh I thought you’d have something original but nope. Lost me with that recommendation of dicks for a burger. It taste like a McDonald’s hamburger that was rejected thrown away in a grease trash can and resold at dicks. I only recommend dicks to people I hate or if you need to have diarrhea really quickly.

  12. Victor HF says:

    Howdy from Austin, TX. Your video was so helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I work in hospitality and was planning a week getaway to Seattle in December 2021. Your video made me realize Seattle would be a wonderful place to go during spring. Thank you once again!

  13. Mika W. says:

    I'm visiting Seattle and surrounding areas for the 1st time next week for vacation. Thank you for your wonderful video. I'm excited to be seeing the area. We are flying to Seattle 4 days, to Vancouver, Canada, to Whistler, Canada, & then back to Canada to fly out.

  14. Gilles Vandevelde says:

    Thank you for the many tips! Just completed a 3day city-trip and was able to cover many suggestions – Salt & Straw and Top Pot Doughnuts –> wow! Would definitely also recommend taking the water taxi to West-Seattle, rent a bike at the nearby shop and cycle towards Alki beach and further for great views of the Olympics. Flew from LA, so also followed your tips on where to sit on the plane to get a good look at Mt. Rainier – impressive.

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