Things To Do in CATALINA ISLAND California (Travel Guide & Vlog)

Looking for things to do on Catalina Island? In this travel guide, we share our adventure to this must-visit destination located just 23-miles off the coast of …

35 thoughts on “Things To Do in CATALINA ISLAND California (Travel Guide & Vlog)

  1. NanceWang says:

    Loved your video and thought it was super informative and actually used it to plan a trip with my girlfriends recently – so wanted to thank you for your video! Sadly we couldnt get a reservation for any of the outdoor activities 🙁 but still got to a lot of stuff. Here's the vlog inspired by you – Excited to see more content from you!

  2. Daddying says:

    Are masks required everywhere?
    I'm putting on travel because can't stand doing things in masks, it's annoying and not healthy. Want to go in August 2021, so hoping that's gone.

  3. Blyss Bramasole says:

    I always wanted to go see this island.
    Never have been and I hope to go someday.
    Such a beautiful place to see.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy watch videos like this.
    It's so inspiring. Wish I was there now wow.🥴👍🏻

  4. David Ortega says:

    Been there many times i use to live. In san pedro and wilmington could see catalina in a distance hawaii is better. The ocean is cleaner warmer. Better food so relaxing it just costs more to get there

  5. EL REAP3R says:

    I’ve actually went their on a field trip before, I will go their again when I grow up for a vlog 🙂 I am gonna take my gang to thanks for the idea’s I can do ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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