Things to do in USHUAIA, Argentina 🇦🇷 | Ushuaia Travel Guide – the City at the End of the World! 🐧

Hello and greetings from Ushuaia, Argentina! Today we’re going to be visiting the southernmost city in the world, located in the province of Tierra del Fuego at …

40 thoughts on “Things to do in USHUAIA, Argentina 🇦🇷 | Ushuaia Travel Guide – the City at the End of the World! 🐧

  1. Zatiro Grip says:

    6:04 no le dicen la laguna del diablo por eso, tiene ese nombre porque si lo vez desde unn helicoptero o desde la montaña del andino,parece un diablo y tambien porque no se sabe la profundidad de esa laguna

  2. Karen Glaicar says:

    Great video. I miss your video's. I was previously subscribed and when I came across this video it was showing I was not subscribed. Oh well, looking forward to bingeing on your video's. Thanks and take care.

  3. Justin McCarthy says:

    Making my Friday night!!! Going to Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina next weekend, so gonna watch your Mostar video next… just to get some food inspo. Thanks so much for your amazing videos. X from Ireland.

  4. Rumit Patel says:

    Hello… & Greetings for the day,.. I saw your this video for the first time… But i am sure i will check all other videos too Bcos I find it Very Nice detailing, informative & Inspiring to visit such places….

    Also have a suggestion for you guys, do add Hash tags so people who are looking for such information then they will be able to find your channel. As I see you have not added any # in your details.

    You can add hash tags like this:

    #USHUAIA, #Argentina, #Ushuaia Travel Guide, #theCityattheEndoftheWorld

    This will help to promote your efforts to more viewers on YouTube as well as on Google too…

    Keep Sharing Good work & Stay Safe..


  5. alamar1205 says:

    The southernmost point of Argentina is so much more hospitable than the northernmost point of coastal Canada and the United states. Cheers guys, we also say Katamaran in Dalmatia.

  6. aipooalice says:

    It’s not an easy period with my mental health and stuff but I’m genuinely happy to see this video. But I’m sad that the trip is (almost) over.
    But for sure I have enjoyed these nine months of travel videos SO MUCH ❤️

  7. Lucia Camargo says:

    Wow !!! Muy bello recorrido de USHUAIA un lugar con mucha historia, paisajes , comidas, etc.Un lindo recuerdo para mi hermana y tbm para todos.Gracias por compartir sus aventuras con el mundo.!!!!UN GRAN REGALO DE PARTE DE USTEDES .Bueno, es muy motivador para estos momentos dificiles por la pandemia y los cambios climaticos.SALUDOS A TODOS , A DANIEL Y TOGO.CON SUS parte de mi familia.PURA CALIDEZ Y PASION !!!!GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS ….SIGAN ASI CON POWER.

  8. Susana gardellin says:

    Hola Audrey y Samuel, somos seguidores de uds. Somos de Córdoba Argentina y estamos organizando ir al sur en auto, nos encanta las cabañas o departamentos donde se alojan, nos pueden decir como los encontraron? Muchas gracias y suban más vídeos!!!!💞

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