Things to know BEFORE you go to LAS VEGAS | Nevada Travel Guide 4K

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40 thoughts on “Things to know BEFORE you go to LAS VEGAS | Nevada Travel Guide 4K

  1. ALI SUROOR says:

    Nothing compares to the joy of the night hidden under the curtain of the noise of people roaming the streets

    Let that scene paint a new joy under the imaginary sky of America

  2. Vegas A-List says:

    Wow! What a very complete Guide to Las Vegas! Well done video! You covered just about all the bases here – very impressive. If you're new to Vegas, you need to watch this entire video. And even if you've been before, this is an excellent refresher course. I'm impressed!

  3. RXS1ECH4RMXO says:

    i feel like Michigan i safe, 1 reason is cuz it does not often get earthquakes, and 2 reason is at the bottom, I would stay there and Nevada is empty kinda, its just a empty desert but have some places, and besides las vegas is far away, and CA, as to much tornados and stuff, so that's why I think Michigan is safe, I'm las vegas is refreshing, but I don't like anything happening to states, why there's tornados is cuz of people putting trash on ground, killing animals, breaking down tree's, hurting people, so keep this earth safe and its up to god, but were talking about las vegas this just in my opinion, I just don't like states as the most earth quakes, and LA. when I was a kid at colorado i was in a bad emergency, it was a tornado.

  4. Before and After says:

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  5. Hyperdrive E says:

    This is hilarious! Completely over rated. Come to vegas when it’s safe but don’t believe all this hype. Completely avoid all the downtown & art district after dark unless you really need meth.
    The strip is Small only 3 – 4 blocks with many vacant lots. Weather is horrible now with everything being over 110 already

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