Things to know BEFORE you go to PRAGUE | Czechia Travel Guide 4K

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21 thoughts on “Things to know BEFORE you go to PRAGUE | Czechia Travel Guide 4K

  1. Petr Schink says:

    Generally good travel guide with some nice tips. Just awoid the "old cars" (they are just cheap new cars made to look historic and they are often in horrible technical condition and highly overpriced) and the "free guides". They are everywhere, are really pushy and for sure not free at all. In adition they are abusing a loophole in czech law and cover up as a charity project, which is not true. And the hop on/off busses? Just use tram or your own feet. It is a lot cheaper and you will see much more of prague beauty

  2. Altaranalt says:

    Here's a tip if you like Christmas. Prague is full of Christmas markets which are open until early January. So it's the perfect place to kick-down from your post Christmas blues.
    Fireworks are illegal however, so if you go during Newyears, don't expect a large fireworks show. Though a smaller fireworks show might be hosted on the 1st of January, organized by citizens.

    Prague isn't expensive, but it's not cheap either. The only thing that is seriously cheap is the beer. If you want to come to party, then Prague is 'the' place to be. It's filled to the brim with clubs with a pub crawl every night. Just don't be obnoxious and loud. Remember that people still want to sleep.

  3. Lukáš Kotěra says:

    Come to Prague and visit us, you all welcomed here, but be aware of scams that are in all capital cities.. Before you go i recommend to watch an Honest Guide….@UCt7oj318jVQi7vRbc1bNjJA and yet, dont eat in the city centre its so expensive..Just walk away 10-15 minutes in any direction or take a tram and you save a lot of money.. 40 or 50 Czech Koruna for a pint of beer is still ok, 70 and more is a rip off. For meal 150-250 is still ok. 350 or more is a rip off… Enjoy and greetings from Czech..

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