Tokyo Travel Guide

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21 thoughts on “Tokyo Travel Guide

  1. Attaché says:

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  2. Christopher Trooper says:

    There are government workers that wear red vests and they are posted at the subway maps. Their one job is to help tourists and they do!! I looked at the helper all confused she asked me where I wanted to go so I told her Disneyland. She took a deep breath and explained every step to me while also walking me through the paying process. To top it off she walked me to my gate! I love those people.

  3. J K says:

    I'm trying to decide where to move for my next job. I'm in Dalian, China. Do I move to Shanghai or Tokyo?
    Feel like I know there answer after finding this channel.

  4. no name says:

    Tokyo is actively redeveloped by around 2030. There are some things that have already changed since the time of this video. I am looking forward to seeing how Tokyo will change around 2030 🙂

  5. Mimi Mimi says:

    You didn't mention how expensive the airport shuttle is! I think I paid like 60 bucks per person, and I'm not the last stop on map. It's ok at the end of the day as long as I get to my hotel, and I knew and prepared that everything is gonna be expensive in Tokyo, but still shocked a bit. and no uber in Tokyo the time I visited.

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