Top 10 Places To Visit In Maui – 4K Travel Guide

Maui is easily one of my favorite places to visit in Hawaii. Enjoy this 4K travel guide across Maui’s most beautiful destinations. From exploring the Road to Hana, …

36 thoughts on “Top 10 Places To Visit In Maui – 4K Travel Guide

  1. Wildcatvxa says:

    Ahihi Kinau is a short drive past Wailia. It has great snorkeling. Then just a little further you arrive at a massive lava field…where we took a kayak tour to snorkel with dolphins

  2. g paula says:

    Thank you for pointing out safety tips as checking water depth before cliff jumping and safety around the blow hole. These are important details many bloggers tend to leave out.

  3. LNS says:

    Great video. Will definitely visit some of the sites.

    Also, anyone wondering what is that thing zooming around the screen at around 3:49 or was it just me? lol

  4. fernando g. aguirre says:

    Maui has been overwhelmed by almost 8,000 visitors every single day! This island and it's authorities are not well educated to offer and make the changes and investment to welcome such a large DEMANDING crowd! Actually Maui is getting worse during the past 25 years. Tourist como to visit and they leave nothing but disgusted with a lack of services and how ridiculous expensive is this place ( $300 car rental for a day, and worst of it, people pay that! )…just be aware and prepared …..

  5. zangsax says:

    This is not Disneyland folks. It is being destroyed by people who treat it like it is and people who see dollar signs when they move here. Iv’e been watching it for 42 yrsup close and taking it very personally .

  6. Tom Coleman says:

    Great video and recommendations! I’m not sure if you had the opportunity to do the hike from Leperouse Bay to Hanamanioa Lighthouse but it has some great ocean views of lava rock and sheer cliffs that we found amazing a couple of days ago. I’m told the lighthouse is the southernmost point on the island. We could also see the Big Island of Hawaii from there. There’s also a beach beyond the lighthouse but we were short on time. It was incredible!

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