Top 10 Places To Visit In Poland – 4K Travel Guide

Poland is one of the most beautiful & historical countries in the world! Enjoy this 4K travel guide across Poland’s most scenic places. From the medieval old town …

29 thoughts on “Top 10 Places To Visit In Poland – 4K Travel Guide

  1. אביחי סופר says:

    As a jew, I can't separate this country from the association of the holocaust. It's so hard to realize how millions people of my nation were murdered in such a beautiful land. I will never be able to enjoy that beauty

  2. odislaw says:

    You forgot about Wieliczka – famous and beautyfull mine of salt 🙂
    Personally i recommend also "Błędne Skały" and "Szczeliniec" in Table Mountains. Amazing places!

  3. enKage Kagen says:

    Eeee, Sopot?
    Nooo way, not unique in any way.

    I know there are some famous sites, but beside most trendy destinations and those of UNESCO heritage, there are plenty of sites outside big metropolies, which are real hidden gems.

    One of those hidden gems usualy skipped is Przemyśl. And close to western Ukraine to see Ukrainian magical places as well.

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