Top 10 Places To Visit In Turkey – 4K Travel Guide

Turkey is easily one of the most beautiful & historical countries in the world! Enjoy this 4K travel guide across Turkey’s most scenic places. From the rock …

33 thoughts on “Top 10 Places To Visit In Turkey – 4K Travel Guide

  1. Erdem Alkan says:

    In addition
    Göbeklitepe (the oldest temple in the human history with 12 thousand years old)
    Myra Ancient City
    Pergamon Ancient City
    Ephesus Ancient City
    Mardin (A city has lots of homes which was built by same stone)
    Virgin Mary's Home (So closer the Ephesus Ancient City)
    Limanağzı Koyu (You can swim with Mediterrenian Seals 😃)
    Olympus Ancient Theatre (the most preserved ancient theatre ever)
    St.Pierre Church (The First Church in the world.)

    That's all you can add more places right below to comment.

  2. Damon Salvatore says:

    I had a holiday in Turkey, I went to Istanbul, it was great. You can be completely comfortable with security. People are very good. I took a break for 3 weeks. I will go to Antalya next summer. As a tourist who has visited 20 countries, Turkey is always number one for me.

  3. Hatice Şahin says:

    Thanks for the video I think you should definitely see Mount Nemrut. It is a unique cultural heritage not only for our country but for the whole world. Not indifferent to Mount Nemrut by UNESCO, it has been included in the list of world cultural heritage. In other words, the statue of Nemrut, which is described as the eighth wonder of the world, is the most important reason for adding it to this list. There is an inscription next to the statue. There are also mausoleums along with the inscriptions. What distinguishes this mountain from other mountains and makes this place special is the Tumulus and statues of the King of Commagene. You should also see Tortum Waterfall. It is known as the largest waterfall in Asia and Europe and the third largest waterfall in the world.

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