TOP 10 Things to do in BUDAPEST | Hungary Travel Guide in 4K

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40 thoughts on “TOP 10 Things to do in BUDAPEST | Hungary Travel Guide in 4K

  1. F1 Ty says:

    Going to see my wife's parents in pécs for Christmas and nye. Looking forward to a little 3 week vacation! We will stay a few nights in budapest like always roaming the districts. Helps wife is Hungarian! Hope to see Christmas market here and in Austria. Need a hot wine and chimney cake!!! And ready for a langos from mitzi(sp) bear in English! Too they get to meet their first grandchild!! Honestly I need to learn the language and move there!

  2. Zee Mabhena says:

    The pest side of Budapest is a never again city to visit for me. Almost 80{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} of the locals we encountrerd were visibly and intentionally rude because we didn't speak the language, zero personality and unwelcoming. Pesht is so dirty trash everywhere. I saw people literally peeing on street corners…..Apart from that, the food was the best in all the European countries we visited..overall never again..

  3. Codrean Artur says:

    #visitHungary to get a real taste of fascism!!!. Nowhere to relief your basic needs. Be ready to pee in a bottle if you decide to pass in this country. Hungary a country where people are treated like animals.

    #visitMagyarország, hogy igazi ízelítőt kapjon a fasizmusból !!!. Az alapvető szükségleteit sehol sem lehet megkönnyíteni. Legyen kész bepisilni egy palackba, ha úgy dönt, hogy elhalad ezen az országon.

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