TOP 10 Things to do in FLORENCE | Italy Travel Guide 4K

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31 thoughts on “TOP 10 Things to do in FLORENCE | Italy Travel Guide 4K

  1. Tatsuo Ozeki says:

    I went to Florence from Rome, Florence, Pisa Venice and Milan in June 2002. I want to visit Florence again.
    My wife's grand father and grand mother came from Florence to the U.S. so, when I arrived at the train station in Florence, I was so emotional.

  2. MinsK says:

    Florence is AMAZING pace for travelers with so many historic remains…!!! I cannot forget those memorable days walking around this beautiful and lovely city!!

  3. Pre Travels says:

    Uffizi Gallery is one of the most breath-taking museums — the artworks there literally feature Italian history. The Hospital of Innocents, on the other hand, features the amazing European architecture. Thanks for this video.

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