Top 10 things to do in MARRAKECH | Marrakesh Travel Guide

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21 thoughts on “Top 10 things to do in MARRAKECH | Marrakesh Travel Guide

  1. jimy ford says:

    Marrakech c'est une ville berbere amazighs colonisée par le roi Md6 coloniale ARABE chérifien alaouites Fatimides amoravides d'islam SATAN boukhariste laïcité SATAN Terroriste criminels, par contre l'islam laïcité de Dieu c'est bibliste et psaumiste et évangéliste et coraniste religion islam de dieu transmis par le prophète Mohammed pour le monde entier voir verset 19 sourate anaam coraniste.

  2. THICC Razor blade says:

    The only downside for me is that it's always crowded and full of people and tourists and I have asthma
    Especially in those souks
    Just looking at them gives me breathing problems 😂
    But I can't deny that it does look cool

  3. Kade Smith says:

    Im Moroccan and im simply here to advise those who wants to visit Marrakech, i know that you will enjoy your time here amd you will love everything but be careful although it's an amazing city but it's also known as the city of scams and i think that's self-explanatory,now it is unlikely that you will get scammed but hey anything is possible

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