TOP 10 Things to do in MIAMI | Florida Travel Guide 4K

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25 thoughts on “TOP 10 Things to do in MIAMI | Florida Travel Guide 4K

  1. Rusty Shackelford says:

    4:15 is that a wooden plank for carrying stuff for shipping? This is art, just grabbing a random thing from a construction site and putting it in a museum? I feel like these modern art people art all bull crap artists. This is why I don’t go to modern art museums.

  2. Andrew Ohler says:

    My review of Miami Vacation: it sucks

    It sucks because of infrastructure and disparity. Driving in Miami is so god awful between parking and traffic. I literally had to pay for parking 2 blocks away from my hotel because the only free parking is in residential areas so random people who shouldn’t be there park in the free spots to avoid the insane parking prices. Everywhere you o you have to pay for parking and the price ranges go from $1 an hour to $5 an hour which adds up a lot when traveling. There are no meters, you have to go to websites that are terribly built and sometimes break.

    That’s just parking. The constant flow of traffic and terrible crosswalk signals that never work incentivize more expensive driving. Some of the walking lights are broken or literally do nothing. I’ve almost gotten hit multiple times by people flying down a road doing right on red. Hardly anyone stops for pedestrians.

    The disparity is so awful it’s more sad and absurd than anything. Wynwood was completely unbearable. The smell was so awful and it seems as thought it’s been recently gentrified. I was begged for money walked past vomit and human feces on the ground. I couldn’t make it to the wynwood walls because the block all around it smelled so awful and was so filthy I was sick. I also went to downtown to find homeless people laying along the walls of busy jewelers as people walked over them. The Miami government VERY clearly gives no fucks about its city.

    There isn’t that much to do in Miami. It’s mostly museums, food and beaches. The food is amazing but incredibly frustrating. Many are blocked off by either reservations or a 21 years old req. the museums we went to were great. The frost museum was much better than we expected. Mostly kid oriented but if you appreciate history and science and wildlife, you can certainly enjoy it as an adult. For a free exhibit, the institute of contemporary art was fantastic for being free. The beach was kind of lame. The beaches on the east coast are much more friendly to swim in.

    All the good things are overshadowed though by how horrible it is to get around and the disparity. I came to Miami so I could try something fun and new but instead was angry at life’s absurd irony. I do plenty of ruminating already, I don’t need to for a vacation

  3. Laura Buchanan says:

    Thank you. I would love to go to Miami. I would love the culture, Latin Vibes food Karma the beach Kama the art deco in the surrounding areas. I like but it's warm and tropical. But like the different neighborhoods like Little Havana. I like the garden.

  4. Oz P says:

    I live in France and went two times in Miami. I fell in love with the town. The latin flava, the palms and the great atmosphere. I would add the venetian pool to the things to visit and a trip to key west

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