TOP 10 things to do in SINGAPORE | Travel Guide 4K

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33 thoughts on “TOP 10 things to do in SINGAPORE | Travel Guide 4K

  1. José Iván Rodrigo Coronel says:

    It is one of the best videos I have seen about Singapore. I congratulate the quality of the information that you present and the clear way of explaining it. It is a very valuable document to have a previous knowledge of the city-state and to prepare for a trip there. Please continue to offer videos of this type, which are very good for those interested in traveling and for society in general.

  2. Joseph Robi says:

    I was there with my wife. Almost got struck by a car crossing the road. I notice office people dress the same way walking on the sidewalk going for coffee or offices white shirt all of them. It feel like people are working unstop. I did not like Singapore 🇸🇬. I was also looking at the towers marina bay. People in general no eye contact no conversation between strangers. I’m not sure maybe I should go back again and confirm this. God bless nice video

  3. ShihGang Ling says:

    One big draw back of Singapore attractions are that there is a dearth of natural attractions. Almost all the attractions mentioned are man made. Personally, the best Singapore attractions is the botanical gardens. Compared to gardens by the bay, the botanical gardens wins hands down.

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