TOP 18 Things to do in MUNICH 2021 | Local travel guide for the new normal

This is my local expert tour of the top 18 things to do and see in Munich, Germany in 2021. In this travel guide we go sightseeing and discover all of Munich’s …

48 thoughts on “TOP 18 Things to do in MUNICH 2021 | Local travel guide for the new normal

  1. Samuele says:

    I'm gonna transfer to Munich in a few months, does anybody know when is socially acceptable to start drinking? With that many Beergarten it's gonna be hard to not start the day with a Wießwurst and a bier :C

  2. 9StickNate says:

    Kevin, I’m sorry that your family left you alone again. But it looks like you’re doing well without them.

    Im planning my trip now. Bavaria is so beautiful and München looks amazing.

  3. Adrian Sim says:

    Hi, what are the current covid measures in Munich? Do you need to register before entering restaurants, bars and shopping malls? If yes, what does the registration entails? Is there any covid trace app to download? Tks!

  4. Alessandro IL GRANDE says:

    Hi thank you for this video, I really liked It. You are right, sometimes as a local you miss the many highlights and nice places that your city has to offer. I ve been to
    Munich several times and I love this city. You missed something I think. For example the Schwabing Area and the University with the White Rose memorial ……the Theresienwiese…. The Museum of science and tecnique…. The Allianz Arena…..The Munchener Freiheit Place…..The Opera and Maximilian Strasse…..St Michael' s Church….

  5. E.G. Fendler says:

    So, it says you posted this in January, BUT I know this isn't what the weather is like in December/January! I will be there over the New Year — any recommendations of things for the winter? Some of these I can still do, however the outdoor beer gardens will not be happening, obviously. Thanks for your tips!

  6. Michael McGuire says:

    Great video..thank you so much. I have been to Europe a few times but never visited Germany. My wife and I are going again next March and will be visiting Munch for a week–very excited! Already knew I wanted to visit the Hofbrauhaus but now have a list of other places thanks to your video. Can't wait to taste the ice cream.

  7. VIRAJ GUPTA says:

    I really like your videos mate. Saw your Berlin video and organised my trip according to that. I had an amazing trip. I'll be visiting Munich in 2weeks and will definitely visit all these places 🙂

  8. Steve says:

    Enjoyed this video of your home town in Germany. I spent time in Munich on my trip around the world and I really liked the city. I particularly like that you list all of the attractions that you visit during each city tour. I hope I will be able to return to Munich again once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

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