TOP 20 Things to Do in AMSTERDAM Netherlands 2021 | New Normal Travel Guide

The best things to do in Amsterdam in the Netherlands are not always easy to figure out. Especially during the new normal. This travel guide will help you …

30 thoughts on “TOP 20 Things to Do in AMSTERDAM Netherlands 2021 | New Normal Travel Guide

  1. Sir Galahad says:

    Just went there last month. It was amazing. Why are there so many Argentina Steak Houses? I ate at one and it was delicious, but I feel like I passed 100 of them when walking the city.

  2. Inge Justa van der Helm says:

    May I please add to your "Things To Do In Amsterdam" list this important action?
    🧡 18 September anti-coronapass rally starting in Westerpark Amsterdam at 12:00, we'll be walking through the old center of Amsterdam. You are all invited. Thank you! 🧡

  3. Danny Hogenkamp says:

    I'am one of the vew real Amsterdammers left in Amsterdam, and i must say that you did a good job Sir!! But you forgot the Coffeeshops.. You don't have to do it but its one of the importants things what makes Amsterdam fore what it is! It's now normal in allot of lands but we stand fore allot (^_^) Thank you and Greetings from Zuid (near the pijp)

  4. Greenwalt Ella says:

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  5. Uhu Buru says:

    Why do so many tourist think there's potato in bitterballen or kroket? Its a ragout with beef (traditionally)
    I also can't help getting the feeling that Wilma was more into junk food than the traditional dutch dishes.

  6. Kelly jordan says:

    This is the worst Vlog of Amsterdam. Go over EVERY Vlog for the last 10 years and it's same thing over and over and over! Seriously there is so much more to Amsterdam than this touristy garbage!

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