Top 22 Coolest Places to Visit in ASIA | Asia Travel Guide

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42 thoughts on “Top 22 Coolest Places to Visit in ASIA | Asia Travel Guide

  1. 은갱이 says:

    그런데 제이콥님 요즘 어떻게,뭐하면서 지내세요?
    제이콥님 영상으로 영어 공부하고 있는 팬인데ㅎ
    새영상 기다리고 있어요.
    기다리는 구독자들 위해 소식 전해주세요~

  2. tasmia khan says:

    Jacob I wanna talk wid you…is it possible. I live in here in NY. But I know so many poor people in Bangladesh next to India .may be u can help also can be helpful for your channel

  3. Gabriela says:

    By far the BEST recommendation video I've ever seen. It catches all the things I'm interested in myself and I also love that you've included so much from central Asia as people always tend to skip that and I'd almost forgotten it!

  4. Maryam Njf says:

    Hey. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences with us. I dream about travelling like you. Can you make a clip and explain how you manage financialy? You are travelling most of the time, so how you do able to earn money? Pleaaaase make a video about that

  5. Tuongvi Pham says:

    Hope you ‘re doing well. Covid situation in my country is severe now, so we ve been in lockdown for months. It is so nice to see the world through your video. Can’t wait till the lockdown is lifted to hang around and travel.

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