Top 7 ADVENTUROUS Things To Do Alaska (Summer) | Alaska Travel Guide

Top 7 Adventurous Things To Do in Alaska in Summer. There’s so many things to do in Alaska. In this Alaska Travel Guide, I share a lot of fun outdoor activities …

36 thoughts on “Top 7 ADVENTUROUS Things To Do Alaska (Summer) | Alaska Travel Guide

  1. Virtue says:

    How's the job market and cost of living near Anchorage at the moment? What areas of Alaska are most like the Pacific Northwest weather? I'm considering the move from Washington state. Thanks 😌

  2. Evan Rainey says:

    My kids and I just got back from Alaska a few days ago, and honestly, I'm ready to go back. My favorite thing we did was take a bus ride to the Arctic Circle. I mean, how many people can say they've been to the Arctic Circle?
    I should have done more research on Denali because all we did was drive down the highway. We stopped several times for some great pictures, but we never went into the park.
    Next time I come back, I'm gonna go to the Anchorage area, and view Denali properly.

  3. Robert Haines says:

    Great video! My wife and I just booked sixteen days for late May and early June to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We're probably going to do a week in and around Denali and week in and around Seward. Definitely going to do hiking kayaking and whale watching. Would love a recommendation on a bear viewing guide – my wife would love this! Thanks again for the video and any recommendation!

  4. Bobber Foote says:

    Hey! I’m going to king salmon Alaska this summer to go see my grandparents.Do you have any places to go to or tips for that specific city?I am also ten and there would be specific things I would be aloud to and not due.And also I went to Denali park and it was AWSOME! I even had a flight over the mountain and a glacier landing on the mountain

  5. Charity S says:

    Planning our 30th anniversary in Alaska this July. We have never been. Would love to stay in a cabin or you mentioned a yurt in the video. Any recommendations? Great video!

  6. Marcos Dallasguy13 says:

    Spontaneously booked a trip last night with family to Alaska in May. One mentioned while we were eating, "hey let's go to Alaska" and we all just kinda agreed. He had been looking at tickets that were only 200 so we booked. Freaking excited

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