Toronto Travel Guide | 19 Things to do in Toronto with a Local Guide

Dave and Deb explore all of the top things to do in Toronto Canada with Tours by Locals. Sit back and enjoy the ultimate Toronto City Tour in a day. #toronto …

21 thoughts on “Toronto Travel Guide | 19 Things to do in Toronto with a Local Guide

  1. J Grondin says:

    Well I did it! Watched everyone of your videos. Over 300+ of them and enjoyed them all. You have come a long way in the last 14 years. Keep up the great work to entertain us. We might not be able to travel the world for now but at least we can enjoy what others have explored and add to our bucket lists when things open up again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tim Ton says:

    Stop jailing Asian woman Meng Wan zhou! Stop jailing Asian female virus scientist Qiu Xiangguo! 释放孟晚舟,释放邱香果! 加拿大不是亚洲人的监狱!!!!

  3. J Grondin says:

    Took me since May to watch it all but did it! Looking forward to your next trips. If you are looking for ideas for a new video have one about what you have on your to do bucket list, trips, adventures etc. Your subscribers would love to hear what else you have in mind, as one wonders what else one could do if they have done it all. Another about how to travel safely in unsafe countries such as Brasil, Africa etc

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