Travel Guide: Montenegro

24 thoughts on “Travel Guide: Montenegro

  1. despierre joachim says:

    we've been there this summer, we've done a road trip (mountains, skadarlake, beach). The mountains are very spectaculair and very nice for a longer hiking. But the coast is a disaster, it's very, very, very dirty … there is all over garbage, on the streets, in the parks, even on the beach. You can say, from the beach till the 2 capitals (podgorica and niksic) it's very dirty, when you passes this 2 capitals (till the mountains), it's much better (not perfect clean, but OK). The people are very friendly and prices are very low. If i have to choose … i go to montenegro for the mountains (not very touristic and still pretty pristine), and for the beaches i go to croatia 😀

  2. Helio says:

    I don't think it is a good country to visit…all what they show is around Budva beach… Perhaps Croacia was the most luckyest country from Ex-Jugoslavia…

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